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Thank You all so much for "like"-ing and joining the fan page! Its been a pleasure, this blogging thing. I am just glad someone noticed. Many more posts to come!

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prints, please

Sooo, while I am excited for the up-coming season {Fall}, I refuse to drab up with your typical earth tones. After all, I'm from Miami, who can tell the difference between summer and fall anyway? Since Ill be returning to the Magic City this August, I've officially begun my hunt for [retro] floral and paisley prints. These are the first few.
This is back of my blouse from the Gainesville Christian Ministries thrift shop. All clothes $1.
The SA for $1.35.

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jeans & the kitchen

Vintage Bill Blass jeans from the SA...$1.35.

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Leather Shoppers

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Paper-effect leather bag
$615 - net-a-porter.com
More Proenza Schouler shoulder bags »

I am very much looking forward to finding [leather] shoppers like these for the Fall 2010 season. I particularly admire the simplicity and sophistication of both the pea-green and tan bags, and the utilitarian design aesthetic for the latter. Perfect for a working girl on the come-up, post-academia.

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before class

My closet looks crazy empty. I can explain, see what had happened was, I'm moving out of my apartment in 2 weeks so I've been slowly cleaning out my closet to speed up the packing process. I HATE packing! So far, I've gone digging in my already swollen suitcases over 10 times for tees and such... LOL. Rationing off clothing...very effective, yes?

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[weekend] getaway

Headed home to Miami this weekend to get fitted for my cousin's wedding. While I'm there, might as well get a new [hair] do...keeping it o'natural.

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golden girl

I was cleaning out my jewelry box when I decided to showcase some of my gold pieces, some real, some fake, on my cleverly thrifted ceramic plate. All of the earrings and the 2 brooches are vintage from various places of interest around town. The cross was a gift from my mom. My favorite pieces? What I like to call my "Cleopatra" choker from the Salvation Army and my [arrow] ring from Loop De Loop vintage boutique.


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Shout outs to my big foot-ed girls! That's right, I wear a size 11 shoe, 10 1/2 depending on the cut, i.e. death to shoe shopping. Naturally, when I saw these in the window at Loop De Loop vintage boutique looking suspiciously long, I darted for them as if I weren't the only customer in the (tiny) store in Downtown Gainesville.

Just my luck, they were a 10M, courtesy of BCBG. The sales guy said they were most likely from the late 60s to early 70s. The store owner, a charming, petite woman whom no-doubt would have known better, was on vacation. After a slip in, side buckle fastening and a brief stroll across the store, I made them mine for $12.
I figure I can wear them with jeans and a tee or a sun-dress...we'll see.

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