Never thought I'd actually own a pair of clogs...never say never.

Olsenboye Clogs- $40 via JCPenny

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love her look: olivia palermo

My favorite money girl, Olivia Palermo. Frigid and stylish to a T.


closet pose

I wore this floral peplum dress to my internship at Haute Living yesterday. The outfit was inspired by a previous "love this look" post featuring British model Alexa Chung in a floral shirt dress and patent flats. It took me about 5 minutes to realize what I had recreated, in the end, I was pleased.

After that, I had a time figuring out where to take a quick pic before heading to Midtown, Miami ( I live in the suburbs). Anyway, I finally decided on my closet. So obvious, right? Hence the name, "closet pose."

dress- Target CLEARANCE @ $14
Earrings- vintage via mom's closet
Shoes- J.Crew ON SALE @ $15

P.S. I seldom buy at retail price.

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& Pumps

Mom and I went to Marshalls...or was it Ross?- I can't remember...anyway, we went looking for football cleats for my kid brother.
In the end, the kid got not 1 but 2 pairs of cleats; size 15, mom got a lightweight cardigan and I, these and a pair of dainty unmentionables.
This always happens, we go somewhere with specific intentions to purchase one item for him and end up "browsing" for ourselves. This time I got lucky, its not everyday I find 9 West pumps in size 11, or anything fashionable in my size for that matter. But I did. Go Me!
My mother and I share the same shoe size and we have a mantra: "If the shoe fits, buy it!"
Hunter Green 9 West Platform Pumps- $23.99

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vintage earrings

Hello All, don't you just love vintage chandelier earrings? Both pairs are from the 1970s. I found them at different vintage stores, the gold ones a few weekends back and the silver ones this past year. I bought them thinking they'd be statement makers for a night out. Stay Tuned!

Silver earrings- 8.50
Gold earrings- 5.00

Ciao for Now!

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back at it

I paid a visit to the Goodwill late this morning in search of randomness.
Well, maybe not so random, as I've been on the hunt for a leather messenger bag, camo shorts (very "in" for this coming season) and a pair of true, blue jeans. Needless to say, I found these select items and a tad more.
I found the navy blue skirt and thought it was as cute as it was versatile.
Cool broach, yes? I thought so.
Genuine leather handbags warm my heart.

Bag- 2.50
Camo shorts-4.50

P.S. I'm so loving Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Glamour! A good look, indeed.

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@ Black Fashion

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been extremely busy, graduating and all... like today, for instance, I received confirmation on an editorial internship with HauteLiving and had an interview with UrbanOutfitters. Busy, busy, productive day.

Oh Yea, couple weeks back, I submitted a photo to 1 of my new fav blogs; blackfashion.tumblr.com. Looks like it made the cut.
Yay, my first mini-feature!

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AA side-walk sale

American Apparel is hosting a side-walk sale every Sat & Sun from now until the end of August. But don't doddle, just thirty minutes after I captured these pics, the little sale was abuzz. I thought I'd fill you in.
Vintage 9 West pumps, size 9 1/2.
The salesgirl was a sweetheart. Check 'em out!

American Apparel
15 S.W. 1st Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601

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