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As some of you may already know, I am in love with a man named Michael Kors. My affair, as for countless other fans, began on the very first season of Project Runway-another one of my loves. Soon there after, I began youtubing the effortlessly chic runway shows of this quirky, yet dead on, say what he felt designer and the rest is fashion history. As of late, I find myself simply dazzled at his ads in Bazaar and Vogue and decided to give you, my readers a little morsel of what I have already discovered.

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Love Her Style: Whitney Port

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The City star remains true to her funky-vintage style in an ever so trendy hunter green cropped blouse, acid wash high-waisted short and violet shoe, not to mention the too chic snake-skin bag and sunnies... so gorg!

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F21 wallet & tank dress (worn as shirt)
Thrifted Jones New York slacks
Vintage gold accessories
Merona for Target pumps

Had much fun with friends downtown Saturday night...maybe too much, who am I kidding, there's no such thing.

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Make Room

I spent this past Thursday cleaning and organizing my bedroom. From my clothing rack full of thrifts to my tee-shirt drawer, I woke up at 6:30 that morning with the over-whelming urge to clean house [sometimes i think I have a mild case of OCD, no joke].
We'll see how long it stays this way...

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Sooo, I had a store credit for American Apparel and decided to cash that sucker in for this lovely little number [green skirt]. I had a time picking What to buy and What color. Ultimately I decided on the skirt thinking it could be applicable for church goings with a nice blouse and belt, bis-cas occasions with a blazer and such, and whenever I felt like wearing a skirt really. That's the thing about AA, versatility.

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Minty Fresh Quick Post

Sooo, American Apparel recently introduced a line of nail lacquer...just one more item to lust over for 6 bucks a pop-no doubt one of their least expensive trinkets. Idk what the folks at AA call this color...but I think its just right for spring yet muted and chic for winter.
Maybe that's what I'll call it; "Just Right"-
me like!

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The fashion world mourns the passing of designer Alexander McQueen. The genius behind those daring, sky-high heels in Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video was found dead in his London home this morning after an apparent suicide.
He was just 40 years young.

Latest Outfit Post

Merona for Target Trench and Loafers
F21 Rugby Tee
NY&C0 Boyfriend Jeans (DIY distressed)

Haven't done one of these in a while-an outfit post, I mean, as I have been so busy, not to mention a bit uninspired. However with the recent purchase of this lovely little cropped trench coat [which I adore] I suddenly got a jolt of that which makes me smile. I love the opposition between the tailored and the not so tailored [referring to my jeans] and the tee-that was just for fun as I have always wondered if grey and khaki would compliment each other. It seems in this case, they do.

Until we meet again,

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Vogue Australia March 2010

I love the vibe and color palette for this upcoming season, don't you? Cool, dewy colors loom in my head while I walk to class in gray-40 degree weather...
I'm so ready for spring/summer you have no idea. [sigh]

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Mega Thrifts

For the past few weeks, I've [perhaps] over-indulged in the thrift scene as the GatorNation has been painfully boring outside of school and work...Just last weekend my friend BD and I ventured to the Salvation Army and hit the thrift jackpot! Turns out, on Saturdays the entire store is half off at any given time for 20 minute intervals... picture the two of us scrambling in one, tiny dressing room in hopes of snagging 2 vintage pairs of high-waisted, Bill Blass jeans for half of their already ridic price of 2.99!
Needless to say- we racked up, each of us purchasing at least 7 garments a piece and spending less than 30 bucks between us. It was lovely... I could'nt even fit them all into one, delightfully orchestrated photo. The rest I will simply have to unveil one outfit at a time.

I swear, the gville Salvation Army on N. Main is THE diamond in the rough.

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Closet Remedy

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Just about every fashion blogger has that infamous "Dream Closet" post...this is mine.

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Finding NetherLand

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What a day...I wake up with fashion on the brain, ride the bus to school as such, and spend much of my class time wishing I were somewhere else-in style. What a day...I graduate in August and I am as excited as I am fashionably-terrified. Which way to go, what road to take as a means to break into the industry I so adore drives me nuts at least 4 to 5 times a day...and what a day it is... I tend to over analyze and dramatize EVERYTHING- and, I guess the prospect of life after the GatorNation is no different. So that's what this post is all about-Finding NetherLand... hence the title.

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A Looker


Gaga in Giorgio Armani at the Grammys...I was speechless.

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