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American Apparel cycle shorts



these lips don't lie

Brilliant Fuchsia by NK lip stick
Heart by Eva USA
Orchid Rose by NK lip stickk
Hot Fuchsia by Kollections moist colors.

My new favorite lip color: Brilliant Fuchsia by NK lip stick via your neighborhood beauty supply store. So 80s, I love IT!

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...but not least

Vintage leather jacket and necklace, AA dress, Grandma Rosa's purse, Merona for Target pumps

Hello all! I wore this ensemble this past Friday night out with friends. As you know, this weekend was the official start of Spring, so exciting... as I was deafly over the cold... as end of seasons go, this outfit was no doubt last, but certainly not least. {In this case, the text came before the [post] title.}

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his old shoes

thrifted Brass Boot leather loafers

Hi there! These babies are my latest thrift. I found them at a consignment shop cleverly named "flashbacks" here in town this past Monday. The trip was so random, as I was in the neighborhood for an interview with INsite Magazine, which I landed....so exciting! Back to the shoes...it was either these or a pair of cowboy boots that were a half size too big...decisions, decisions. Of course, I settled on these, not bad for $8, considering they're retail value's just over 80 bucks!

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thrifts & that

random thrifts... notice the acid wash short purchased via the SA for a whopping 99 cents... when the weather allows, i'm sure they'll see a night or two on south beach...

i love this handbag for two reasons... the first; its genuine leather && the second, it was crazy cheap at just $1.50 as the thrift shop I visited had a half-off sale on purses... a new bottle of perfume was a long time coming, the sunnies were a random purchase and the hat was just for kicks from a thrift shop back home in Miami... and the mags? they go without saying...

whats inside: American Vogue

bye bye spring break...

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1 tee, 7 outfits

Remember that trendy top you bought specifically for an event or special occasion? I do. Remember wondering what else to do with that piece weeks after the event was over? I do.

My make it work piece, a gray assymetrical rib tee.
From day to night, this funky frock lends it's style eye to trend, sex appeal and on-the-go glamour.

Gone Shoppin'


ALL images styled by Shekinah @ shegoesthrifting via polyvore.com

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New News

Exchanged the green skirt for this cranberry dress from American Apparel. What can I say, I can be a bit wishy-washy...

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