Suits You


Wears the Pants?

Got these slacks for 4 bucks at the Junior League Thrift Store a few weeks back...not sure where I'll wear 'em yet but I've got a few ideas on how to wear 'em....

With a tank and a blazer...
With a tank and a statement necklace...
With a fitted button-down blouse...
With a flowy button-down blouse...
As pictured...
Oh the possibilities...

Hanes Tank
Liz Claiborne Slacks
Merona for Target pumps
Shekinah's junk in the background

Ciao for Now!



I just love my Urban Outfitters sneaks...got 'em at Urban Thread last weekend for less than 10 bucks-a steal.

As for the outfit, I saw it in my dreams...literally. I had a dream the night before of me wearing this to class, the next morning I figured, why fight it? Dreaming of outfits...is that weird?

? Blazer
F21 Tee
Vigos Jeans
UO Canvas Sneaks

Here's a couple pics of the fabulous lil' shop from which my [tangerine] sneaks came--Urban Thread on 13th.

To whom it may concern, Urban Thread sells brands like UO, Anthropology and a host of others for nearly half the retail price because most of their merchandise are overstock and returns. Its like shopping in someone's indie-hippie chic attic...it's lovely, trust.

Ciao for Now!


Thrift Tips

Recently, a friend and fan of shegoesthrifting asked me to compile a few tips on thrifting/ vintage shopping and I have gracefully accepted. While I am flattered to have been asked to do so, I insist, there's not much to it...here goes...

When shopping at thrift, vintage and consignment shops, I make a mental checklist, here are the first 5:

1. Which stores are on my agenda for the day?
Lets start from the bottom up...Thrifts are no-doubt the most economically sound choices and tend to offer the most current pieces....Consignments are next in line and Vintage are at the top of the list in terms of higher price points and period authenticity. I usually hit up all three- in no specific order.

2. To whom do I owe this occasion? Mr. Want or Mrs. Need?
Mostly Mr. Want--to be frank.

3. What kinds of pieces am I looking for?
Handbags, watches and earrings (preferably clip-ons) as well as jackets and blazers are always at the top of my list.

4. Am I looking for everyday or night out garments?
In most cases, I'd like to think both...

5. And finally, How much am I willing to spend?

F.Y.I. my latest thrift was this vintage Members Only Jacket for $5

The rest sort of falls out the sky (my questions-to-self, I mean). For the most part, I try to shop with an open-mind, going after the not so obvious and treasuring what I like to call "ugly pretty" pieces. If it calls my name, its mine-for the right price... cheapskate style is the name of the game-wanna play?

My fav spots in GatorCountry:

Persona Vintage Boutique Downtown
The Goodwill on 34th street
The Junior League Consignment Shop on South Main
Urban Thread on 13th street

As always, Ciao for Now!


More is More

google images

Lately my infatuation with all things bling has reared it fabulous head. Just a few days ago it was studded bags, now these gorgeous Gorgio Armani statement necklaces... pair 'em with a white tee and jeans and you've stolen the show. Goodness... I can't wait 'til I am no longer a broke college kid-until then I can dream...
Ciao for Now!



Thrifted mens shirt & lenses///? suit jacket///Vintage scarf///F21 leggings///Xhilaration for Target skimmers

Like my Sally Jesse Raphael glasses? (geek-like giggle) --Just 2 bucks at the Goodwill back home in Miami. I know they're a bit impractical but I just had to have 'em.
Ciao for Now!