Why thrifting? Wow! Thats a good question...I remember 1 day back in August 2009 when I decided to google "boyfriend blazers"...thats when I discovered simply chic. She must have tagged a post under boyfriend blazers because just 2 pages into the google image search, I spotted [her] lovely orange blazer. Within the next few days, I discovered yet another blog, then titled, a stylish southerner. To make a long story short, I noticed the word "thrifted" being used and re-used when describing some of my favorite outfit posts in virtually all the blogs I stumbled upon. Nearly a year later, I couldn't imagine my [shopping] life without thrift stores.

Describe your first thrifting experience. I went to the Goodwill. It was...interesting... I walked in and immediately I've got ceramic bowls to my right, old-school D&B purses to my left and 30-some-odd racks full of clothes directly in front. Needless to say, it was a challenge to stay focused on what i had come for (a bf blazer, of course). Which I found, with about 7 other items including a layered-beaded necklace and a pair of navy walking shorts, which I love. It must have been at least 2 in the afternoon when I got there, the store was buzzing with shoppers, it was like an episode of super market sweep, and when I left, there was a line for my parking spot. I was glad to be in the number.

What kind of fashions do you find? It ranges, the Goodwill tends to have your more modern brands like the gap, american eagle, Ann Taylor and banana republic. The Salvation Army, on the other hand, is definitely a retro lover's dream [if you get there early], boasting brands like Bill Blass and even Dior. I tend to look for the unique pieces that most people are afraid to wear...i.e. hammer pants and such...sometimes I get a little carried away, thank goodness I bring friends/buffers! :-)

NOTE: While the primary premise for the blog is my adventures in thrift, my interests in photography, music and whatever else is on my mind at the time, are bound to make their way to this site.


Shekinah J. A 22 year-old broadcast media graduate with aspirations in style. From editorial freelancing, to creative directing, to styling, to [fashion] PR, my interests are endless... just as they should be.

Where are you from? Miami, FL.

What's your favorite color? Magenta, all the way!

Who or what inspires your style? I love street style [blogs]. When I'm out shopping, thrift store or not, I look to what my grandmothers wore back in the day. Or what Alexa Chung would wear for an afternoon of cool hunting at the Flea Market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn...it really depends... I hate to put my style in a box. My closet is a kaleidescope and I love that about me. 

What is your most prized [thrift] possession? My vintage Gucci bag, $14!