For Sale

Its Saturday afternoon, you've hit up all your local thrifts and the day is merely a quarter gone at best.

Next Stop: the GAP at the Oaks

Do Not Disturb

relaxed fit

40% off mark-down SALE!

Dig Britt, dig!

very helpful staff



The [soon to be] Birthday Girl

Golden Girl

With my birthday just over a month away [June 2 peeps, mark your calenders] I've began day dreaming of what to wear in celebration of my 22nd year...option numero uno.

What say you?


No Ad-libs

I first discovered The Script's "Before the Worst" during my stint with Aeropostale. It was my favorite hourly rotation during several 5 hour shifts cleaning out dressing rooms...good times...

Anyway, I was headed home one afternoon and caught their newest single,

"Break Even" on the radio...

I am officially a fan.



want 'em, need 'em

google images

Khloe Kardashian-Odom in skinny cargo pants.

Ciao for Now!


"this ish was all i knew, [ahh] you & me only [ahh]
i did it all for you, [ahh] still you were lonely [ahh]..."

"thats why i never follow ya'll suggestions, i just always did my own thang..."

"and this what imma do til its over, til its over, but its far from over..."

-Drizzy Drake



Haven Hospice Attic East
300 NW 8th Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601


what's in town

This past Saturday, my friend Brittnay and I were driving down main street headed to my regular thrifts, when we spotted an outdoor flea market on 6th near downtown.

We decided to swing by, eat, drink, eat some more and window shop.

And you thought there was nothing to do in GatorCountry...
Stay Tuned for new thrifts!

Ciao For Now!


get shorty

f21 tank and sunnies
vintage shorts and necklace
target flats

The Fashion Book, a good read.

Ciao for Now!


the bridge

The African Student Union hosted its annual showcase featuring live poetry, dance numbers and a fashion show with me as the stylist.

The show, entitled "Bridging the Gap" was centered on merging traditional African and Western cultural markers and, of course, clothing.

All in a day's work.

Ciao for Now!


watch my shoes

f21 ribbed tank & sunnies ,thrifted high-waisted jeans, vintage chain-link gold necklace, thrifted LV wallet, target sneaks

Ciao for Now!


summer read

These are some of my favorite photos from author Michael McCollom's book
The Way We Wore on black style in the twentieth century.

I found the book title during a random google search and thought it would be the ideal summer read...oh the nostalgia!

Ciao for Now!