what's in town

This past Saturday, my friend Brittnay and I were driving down main street headed to my regular thrifts, when we spotted an outdoor flea market on 6th near downtown.

We decided to swing by, eat, drink, eat some more and window shop.

And you thought there was nothing to do in GatorCountry...
Stay Tuned for new thrifts!

Ciao For Now!


  1. thanks for commenting, don't you just love vintage! and i see an ankh necklace in the last photo ahhh i'm dying to get one of those.

    i just started to contribute for the funky fanny blog i will be talking about my knowledge on vintage! tune in for some cool facts. my first post is up http://funkyfannys.blogspot.com/2010/04/introducing-ferocious-fanny.html


  2. that arm in the last pic was sexy!