Human Nature

Autumn has set in... the leaves have left the trees for concrete pastures and I dream of you...I wonder if the greens have done the same in Central Park, if its walking trails and playgrounds are over-run by city dwellers in Saks trench coats, Burberry rainboots and the like...

Your lights, your sirens, your dark, rodent-ridden alley ways, I dream of all of you... I am in love, a city; New York City....I am in love with the faux bags of Chinatown, the Africana street vendors of Manhattan...naked cowboys, the people's court, festive watering holes and two story walk-up McDonalds restaurants...

the undeniable style that walks your streets...

the modes from which they came...

the pidgeons at Union Square, breakfast at Cocina at Rockafeller Center, the cultural ambiguity of the Village, and the runways of Bryant Park...I crave this city like a moth to an open flame.

New York City, upon our first meeting you left such an impression on this meek soul of mine and we will meet again, this much I know for sure, this much I know...if they ask "Why?" Tell them...its human nature...


Pearl Jam

Thrifted men's shirt///F21 leggings///Merona for Target Patent leather loafers

Ever had one of those days when you just didn't feel like dressing to the 9s? Well, today was mine. Never-the-less, being the girlie-girl that I am, I added a set of pearls to the mix...thus, androgyny meets femininity...gotta love it!
Ciao for now!

P.S. On a GOOD day, I'd rather be wearing...Maybe next time...


Gone Thriftin'

So, 1 of my besties and I made a lil' trip to The Salvation Army, The Junior League thrift store, Persona Vintage Boutique & the Goodwill in pursuit of cheap thrills. My first purchase of the day was the haute leather mini proudly showcased above for $2.50, followed by the vintage black and white blouse {which I'll probably wear with black skinnies} for $2.75. The shirtwaist dress {$8}, blazer {$5} and black computer bag{$.99} were purchased on a separate, yet equally fabulous occasion. Can't wait to re-work each piece! Ciao for now!


And VOGUE...

Simple & chic. Fabulous & fierce. My fav VOGUE covers, ever... Enjoy!

Vogue's Style Main
for this month's style ques!


Buzz Off

In this Photo:
N. Pottinger
S. Johnson
P. Findlay
D. Woods
Thrifted blouse and gold belt///AA bodycon dress (worn as mini)///Miss Trendy heels

Hola! Ladies Nite @ Market Street proved itself uneventful {not a bad photo locale, though} so we decided to party hop & ended up at Envy Lounge... the music was pretty good...U know how that goes...no sweat... the WEEKEND has just begun... Ciao for now!