The following is a photo of some of my favorite vintage earrings, all found while thrifting in GatorCountry. I'm in the process of purchasing a "lot" (eBay speak for multiple pairs); 13, exactly, of vintage enamel earrings like these. I'm kind of obsessed. Stay Tuned!
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hand job

Give me a black cherry nail and a gypsy ring and I'm ready for Fall.

Autumn 2010 begins September 23. Get excited!

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im desperate

fall wish list

1. The Striped Tee: As timely as it is classic and synonymous with the Ralph Lauren prepster; the striped tee is sure to make an appearance in my fall wardrobe.

2. The Leopard Print Scarf: Paired with the neo-classic striped tee, the leopard print scarf adds diminsion and diva style to the stylistic girl on the go.

3. The Coloured Carry-All: No explanation necessary.

4. The Cocktail Ring: Just for fun.

5. The Over-sized clutch: Perfect for both a trip to the mall and a night out, the over-sized clutch is chic alternative to that beloved carry-all.

6. Sparkle Flat: A little razzle dazzle.

7. Denim Jacket: Yet another nod to the classics.

8. Non-Traditional Boots: A bit more daring than your everyday ankle boot, this one is just for kicks.



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[I got nothin']

Asian robe: Vintage/Tank: Love Culture/Jeans: Aero/Gladiators: Target


+Wardrobe detox.
+Lunch at Pei Wei [pronounced "pay way"].
+TAKERS matinée movie [CB is forgiven].
+Window shopping [I literally had nothing to buy].
+Impromptu photo-shoot down the block [Thanks MOM].

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Today, my dreams of entrepreneurship have become a reality with the grand opening of SHOP Shegoesthrifting! After much browsing to find an outlet that was right for me, I decided on bigcartel.com. Here are the first 5 items of interest:

Janet Hot Pink Blazer $12

Lola Vintage Black and Brown Pumps $20

Eva Vintage Black and Blue Peplum Party Dress $15

Sarah-Jane Leather Cowgirl Boots by Guess $30 SOLD!!!

Jessica Vintage Navy Blue Clutch $10



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Oh end of summer...


now playing

return to sender

The following are photos of thrifts I didn't buy for one reason or another...
too tight, weird puckling at the waist.
the arms were too short.
translated as cheap when on.
oh well.

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pick your poison

In life, you've gotta pick your poison. Any guess what mine is? Open to interpretation, fashion is. As is taste-taste being the most obvious... I was sitting on my bed pondering the subject matter and photo opp for my next blog post when I decided to use my mother's dressing area (and her new faux hardwood flooring) for the locale. I love that word "locale", LOL...anyway, I combed through my closet for a couple of bright pieces, a gold belt and borrowed my mother's Jimmy Choo bag and "N" by Nicole Miller wedges (so jealous). So far, today's been a good day.

Blazer-thrifted $4
Blouse-thrifted $3
Belt- thrifted $1

Ciao for Now!