My 1st Haul


clutch 3

Greetings All! The following are a select few clutch handbags I snagged at the thrift for 5 bucks a pop. I first fell in love with clutch bags while admiring the actress Tracee Ellis Ross' character "Joan" on "Girlfriends". Formerly associated with cocktail wear, the clutch has taken well to daytime chic.
Need a good clutch? Stop by your neighborhood thrift.

Ciao for Now!


those jeans

If you're like me, you've got that (1) pair of jeans that go with everything [at least you think so]. Well, my faithful pair look much like the ones featured in the(3)outfits below. Once again, if you're like me, your philosophy is this: Ive spent my money for 'em, may as well rock 'em like they're going out of style.

stripes & leopard print

blood red

Just for fun. Ciao for Now!



The following is a photo of some of my favorite vintage earrings, all found while thrifting in GatorCountry. I'm in the process of purchasing a "lot" (eBay speak for multiple pairs); 13, exactly, of vintage enamel earrings like these. I'm kind of obsessed. Stay Tuned!
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hand job

Give me a black cherry nail and a gypsy ring and I'm ready for Fall.

Autumn 2010 begins September 23. Get excited!

Polish-Xtra; 89

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im desperate

fall wish list

1. The Striped Tee: As timely as it is classic and synonymous with the Ralph Lauren prepster; the striped tee is sure to make an appearance in my fall wardrobe.

2. The Leopard Print Scarf: Paired with the neo-classic striped tee, the leopard print scarf adds diminsion and diva style to the stylistic girl on the go.

3. The Coloured Carry-All: No explanation necessary.

4. The Cocktail Ring: Just for fun.

5. The Over-sized clutch: Perfect for both a trip to the mall and a night out, the over-sized clutch is chic alternative to that beloved carry-all.

6. Sparkle Flat: A little razzle dazzle.

7. Denim Jacket: Yet another nod to the classics.

8. Non-Traditional Boots: A bit more daring than your everyday ankle boot, this one is just for kicks.



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[I got nothin']

Asian robe: Vintage/Tank: Love Culture/Jeans: Aero/Gladiators: Target


+Wardrobe detox.
+Lunch at Pei Wei [pronounced "pay way"].
+TAKERS matinée movie [CB is forgiven].
+Window shopping [I literally had nothing to buy].
+Impromptu photo-shoot down the block [Thanks MOM].

Ciao for Now!