Yes indeed, studded bags are so in this season! From the oversized boho to the sexy cocktail clutch, this is one style bandwagon I'm itching to jump on- -for the right price.
Anyway, I googled "studded bags" and this festive little bit

by designer
Sonia Rykiel popped up...
not sure on the price but with the right outfit, it may be worth it... I could see myself folding it over and wearing it as a clutch- did I ever mention how much I love a good clutch?
Well, I just did.
As always,
Ciao for Now!


me time

F21 cardi and belt///Merona for Target blouse///NY&Co khakis

Wore this to class and errands with my CovetedList.com PR/Marketing team a few weeks back.
Happy Belated-Thanksgiving!

Ciao for Now!



google images

Long Live the 80s! If I had it my way, We'd all be rocking shoulder pads, pink lace, chain-link, quilted Chanel bags, fancy florals and teased hair on a regular basis. Yes, I am an old soul...seeing as how I was most likely a zygote at the peak of the fashion trends I so adore. Alas, I claim my "oldness" with galant sensibility... all this talk of vintage fashion has me itching to go thrifting....Hhmmm... tomorrow IS payday[devil-like grin].... Stay Tuned!
Ciao for Now!


Play Clothes

Thrifted oatmeal sweater/// NY&Co blouse/// F21 sunnies/// Charter Club faux pearl set/// Aero jeans///Mudd chocolate belt/// Merona for Target Patent leather loafers

Got my Clifford Huxtable sweater!
Ciao for Now!



Merona for Target sheath dress and slingbacks/// F21 earrings/// Vintage gold bracelet/// Charter Club faux pearl bracelet

Sooo, I'm performing in a stage play this spring hosted by Black Female Extravaganza in GatorCountry. As such, my cast-mates and I had a photo-shoot for the event. The attire was all black to achieve that business-minded, Miss Independent look. Immediately I thought of my Michelle Obama dress [that's what I like to call it] and patent leather slingbacks. In between takes, I decided to snap some photos on my own. Thanks Sister Carla [my impromptu photog and adorable cast-mate].
Ciao for Now!



Buzz Off

The UnderGrad

Haute Tottey

Ruffle & Flow


In honor of my 50th post, I decided to compile my top 5-favorite style moments thus far.
From "Buzz Off" to "Bossy" I've had the best time exploring the depths of my personal style through thrifting and vintage shopping on a budget, I've even experimented with my quaf. And on each occasion, I've come out having learned something new about who I am as a young woman and a self-proclaimed fashionista.
Ciao for Now!


Fancy Florals

google images

Singer Katy Perry looking so in the moment in her statement making Topshop blazer and hot pink sunnies...
love this look for Fall and Spring, don't you?


School Daze

F21 sweater & hobo bag/// Thrifted gold bracelet & aviators/// Charter Club faux pearl bracelet/// NY&C button down blouse/// Old Navy trouser jeans///Merona for Target patent leather loafers

Sooo, I decided to take some pics on campus this past Tuesday...U know, like a "day in the life" kinda thing- had fun.
Ciao for Now!