a wedge of summer

summer wedges
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to distraction

dress: vintage
watch: walmart
sunnies: vintage
shoes: F21

This lemon mini dress is yet another purchase from Flashbacks; on sale for $3. 1 more trip and the weekend sales girl and I will be on a first name basis.

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This post is such a knock-off. I saw one similar at snowblack and thought it would be cool to [try and] recreate it. Gave me a chance to show off my Micheal Kors slingbacks that I just love... Enjoy!

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You have just seen my top [6] choices for new sunnies courtesy of Forever21. Just yesterday, I concluded I 'm long over due for a [new] pair of aviators. Thanks to XXI's mile long inventory and more than reasonable price points, that conclusion and the impedding shopping excersion are within reach. If I could only make a decision...
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in my bag

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

A few things a girl should always have in tow...

1. wallet & id

2. celly

3. hand sanitizer

4. lip gloss

the rest is just gravy.

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happy days

Dress: thrifted


Shoes: Target via Mom's closet

I snagged this orange, striped vintage-inspired dress from a store called "Flashbacks" this past Saturday, I figured it was a good a time as any to take a few pics. Besides, my mom's been bugging me to send her recent pictures of me [and my hair]...

Speaking of hair, I've decided to go natural and I am currently in transition. Lately I've been bored with the every-5-weeks relaxer routine. I'm ready to try something new and I'm excited about it. I called my hair-dresser for suggestions since I wasnt quite ready to chop it all off. She suggested setting my already short hair with perm rods to make my hair more managable during the transition. The plan is to let my [permed] hair grow out about 2 inches before the big chop. Something new to blog about...stay tuned!

Ciao for Now!


old friends

These babies have hung with me for 4 years now. My mom and I have the same pair, hers in cream, mine in chocolate, as you can see.

After about an hour, they're a bit hellish.

I love them none-the-less.

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Wishful Thinking

Wish List

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I decided to let you lovely folks in on my latest lusts. Some of these items may be a bit far fetched in terms of pricing, but, as [I certainly hope] you all know,where there's a thrift {and a sale}, there's a way.
Floral dress, black gladiators, leopard belt, D&G perfume...indulgence is a many splendid thing.

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bring 'em out

An oldie, I know, but a goodie nonetheless...
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