I just love my Urban Outfitters sneaks...got 'em at Urban Thread last weekend for less than 10 bucks-a steal.

As for the outfit, I saw it in my dreams...literally. I had a dream the night before of me wearing this to class, the next morning I figured, why fight it? Dreaming of outfits...is that weird?

? Blazer
F21 Tee
Vigos Jeans
UO Canvas Sneaks

Here's a couple pics of the fabulous lil' shop from which my [tangerine] sneaks came--Urban Thread on 13th.

To whom it may concern, Urban Thread sells brands like UO, Anthropology and a host of others for nearly half the retail price because most of their merchandise are overstock and returns. Its like shopping in someone's indie-hippie chic attic...it's lovely, trust.

Ciao for Now!

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