Mega Thrifts

For the past few weeks, I've [perhaps] over-indulged in the thrift scene as the GatorNation has been painfully boring outside of school and work...Just last weekend my friend BD and I ventured to the Salvation Army and hit the thrift jackpot! Turns out, on Saturdays the entire store is half off at any given time for 20 minute intervals... picture the two of us scrambling in one, tiny dressing room in hopes of snagging 2 vintage pairs of high-waisted, Bill Blass jeans for half of their already ridic price of 2.99!
Needless to say- we racked up, each of us purchasing at least 7 garments a piece and spending less than 30 bucks between us. It was lovely... I could'nt even fit them all into one, delightfully orchestrated photo. The rest I will simply have to unveil one outfit at a time.

I swear, the gville Salvation Army on N. Main is THE diamond in the rough.

Ciao for Now!

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