& Pumps

Mom and I went to Marshalls...or was it Ross?- I can't remember...anyway, we went looking for football cleats for my kid brother.
In the end, the kid got not 1 but 2 pairs of cleats; size 15, mom got a lightweight cardigan and I, these and a pair of dainty unmentionables.
This always happens, we go somewhere with specific intentions to purchase one item for him and end up "browsing" for ourselves. This time I got lucky, its not everyday I find 9 West pumps in size 11, or anything fashionable in my size for that matter. But I did. Go Me!
My mother and I share the same shoe size and we have a mantra: "If the shoe fits, buy it!"
Hunter Green 9 West Platform Pumps- $23.99

Ciao for Now!

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