WhoWhatWear: The VMA's 09

Miss Jackson ( IF your Nasty) looks hot in leather and studs [very in this season] and reminds us the magic behind the music was & IS a family affair.
The King Lives on...

Shakira and PinK took their style double take in stride- NO cat fights necessary

Chic Humility

Lady Gaga Goes there...

We're not sure exactly where there is... What can I say, its a look....

I will say I was a bit underwhelmed at the red carpet fashions this year, alas, what the show lacked in individual style it made up for in drama... but this is largely a style blog, we'll save that for the water-cooler otherwise known as FB. Ciao for now!

P.S.- Didn't ANYBODY ever tell Lil' mama 3 is a crowd?

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