Two for 1

Cozy Tuesdays

Heritage 1981 gypsy blouse///UrbanOutfitters necklace///Aero Jeans///For Love 21 Gladiators (not pictured)

On this particular day I went for a crisp, lightweight look to compliment my UO necklace I've had for about 5 years. I remember spotting this weird little par0dy of a charm necklace from across the store back in high school...some woman saw it too, but I beat her to it by a mila second {it was the last one}....tough cookies j/k. All's fair in love & FASHION.

Whirlwind Wednesdays

Levi's jean jacket/// shear Billabong pocket tee///AA skirt/// Forever 21 "Zena" bracelet

So...I must have changed outfits like 6 times this morning before I decided on this look. I knew I wanted to wear the jacket but not much else...in the end, I think I did alright. Now that I think about it, it's a little Breakfast Club-ish [meduim-wash denim, popped collars, etc.] one of my fav 80s flicks. 80s babies RULE! LOL
Ciao for now!