Styled Much

Thrifted Rampage Cropped Jacket [$4]
F21 Tank & Flower Ring

Charter Club Faux Pearl Set

Miley Cyrus Distressed Jeans [$20]
Nine West Gold Sandals

Sooo, this past Friday, the Caribbean Student Association hosted their annual charity Fashion/Talent Show with me as their Fashion Consultant. Its relatively easy to style oneself but twice as difficult to style others,
and never had I had the privilege of doing so with 30 some-odd individuals--talk about pressure. The crazy thing about it was, I'd never felt so much like me in terms of campus involvement... I've even begun googleing phrases like "how to become a wardrobe consultant"-- as goofy as it sounds, I feel I may have found my niche [in the fashion world] [Cool-Aid smile]--stay tuned...

Did I mention, 96 percent of the fashions came from thrift stores? [Goooo Goodwill!] Yea, had to throw that in there somewhere, right?


As always, Ciao for Now!

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